• Record at home remotely
  • Travel to local studio to record
  • Play written parts
  • Improvise
  • Learn parts by ear


Home Studio Equipment

Rode NT1A Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Logic Pro X

Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones

Macbook Pro


Yamaha 62 Tenor Saxophone

Conn 10m Tenor Saxophone

Yamaha 62 Alto Saxophone

P. Mauriat System 76 2nd Ed. Soprano Saxophone

Singer’s Day 2001 Baritone Saxophone

Altus-Azumi Flute

Yamaha 64 Clarinet

Akai EWI 5000

Yamaha 221 II Bass Clarinet

Startone Alto Flute

Thomann 200 Piccolo

Various World Flutes


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Audio Sample

"Make It Plain!" composed and performed by Jeff Miguel


Jeff Miguel plays tenor, alto, soprano, and baritone saxophone, and doubles on flute, clarinet, and EWI. He can read written parts, create his own parts, and improvise over all genres. He studied jazz, and regularly performs and records with bands playing Soul, RnB, Funk, Swing, Latin, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Blues and more.

Jeff can travel to local studios to do recording sessions. He also has the ability and means to record and mix his own track remotely.

A few of Jeff’s influences are Michael Brecker, Jeff Coffin and Clarence Clemons for pop/rock styled recordings and Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins, and Sonny Stitt for jazz style.


“I met Jeff while playing in the University of Iowa’s Latin Jazz Ensemble. He was the first person I thought of to ask to perform on our album. He came into the studio and did exactly what we were looking for and more. I highly recommend working with him. He is professional, a great musician, and excellent to work with.”
– Joe V., Firesale

“Jeff Miguel is a fine jazz player. I had the opportunity to record with him recently. He is a great sight reader as well, and his professional skills are suitable for any musical genre. I am hoping to record with him again soon, and highly recommend Jeff.”
– Noreen J., Jazz Vocalist

“I had the privilege of working with the very talented, Jeff Miguel, on one of my songs that needed a saxophone player. Jeff was professional, extremely creative and contributed significantly to the song. Working alongside Jeff in the studio was exciting and entertaining as he played beautifully and effortlessly. With both improvisational and technical skill, Jeff added a jazzy groove that ultimately gave “Belligerent Love” a unique sound. In the future, if I need a sax player, Jeff will certainly be my first option!”
– La’Kyla Byrd, Kyleezy

“Whether on a performance date or in the studio, Jeff Miguel has the chops, the experience, the taste, and the professional attitude to make it great. I have played more than a dozen dates with Jeff in groups ranging from a duo and trio to a twenty-piece swing band. He nails it in every context. Jeff has unbelievable tone and dynamics that make every set outstanding. We have also spent time in the studio where Jeff absolutely shines. He knows exactly what is expected, covers it masterfully, and can be counted on to give insightful suggestions on how to take things to the next level. On the business side, Jeff is always on time (early that is), dressed appropriately for the event, and ready to hit the downbeat exactly on schedule.”
– Dave Cooke, Double Standards

“Jeff Miguel is an amazing, gifted saxophone player, and a genteel, humble person. Jeff sat in with us on our most recent album – Swing Break – and did an amazing job covering his parts. For such a young person, I am amazed at Jeff’s versatility, and his gift for jazz sax playing. Every member of our band has tremendous respect for him. He is truly a treasure to the world of jazz.”
– William (Bill) Heldman, Ph.D., William and the Romantics

List of World Flutes Available for Recording: Japanese Shakuhachi, Indian Bansuri, Chinese Dizi, Chinese Xiao, Ocarina, Native American Flute, Peruvian Pan Flute, Andean Quena, Irish Flute, Irish Low D Whistle, Irish Tin Penny Whistle, Fife, Recorder, Russian Svirel, Ukrainian Sopilka, Ukrainian Djolomyga, Soprano Venova, Tenor Venova